Our story

Samigo is a gold-coloured liqueur and contains 21% alcohol. This flavour
explosion was created in Ghent, Belgium. The recipe for Samigo dates back to 2022 and
contains six ingredients. Of the six ingredients, three are known and the other three are
kept secret.

In 2022, Samigo entered the market. It is billed as "It's not just a flavour, but an
experience". This points to the flavour explosion the liqueur brings. Normally, Samigo was
meant to be Mr Van Gendt's thesis. Determination led him to market it anyway later that
year. The Samigo brand not only wants to bring out the flavour but also the experience of
drinking it. This brand strives not only for the perfection of the liqueur but also for the
atmosphere it brings that moment while drinking.

It’s warm and quality appearance can be found during nightlife or on a quiet soft evening with friends or family. The liqueur can be drunk in different ways. It can be drunk pure or mixed
with fruit juice or tonic. But it can also be combined with hot black tea.

The name Samigo refers to two meanings. 'SA'migo comes from Sandra, Mr Van Gendt's mother who
supported him through the start-up. s'AMIGO' refers to Mr Van Gendt's brother who
supported him after his parents' divorce. Both individuals bring the Samigo name and
brand to life.

About the company

The Samigo Van Gendt is a brand run by Mr. Van Gendt, an entrepreneur at heart. Together with a young and dynamic team, he brings the best experience to his customers. It is a young and innovative company with an eye on the future.

If you would like to work with SAMIGO, do not hesitate to contact us!